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The Medical Research Network (MRN) is a unique clinical trial support organisation offering nursing focused patient recruitment & retention solutions globally for clinical trials. Headquartered in the UK & now with a North American operation, the MRN offers Site Nurse Support and Home Trial Support services across the globe.

“PM3time is very easy to use and administer. It has simplified our administration and given us valuable insight into our project actuals.”

Simon Mouncer Finance Director of MRN

Client Challenge

MRN conduct over 30 projects for their clients at any time. They need to record time spent by staff by role on these projects. This time-booking helps show project progress and is also required to be able to bill clients for project activity.

MRN were using an excel-based system to do this but it was time consuming, error-prone and difficult to review historic data to see how long tasks took.

How did we help?

We implemented PM3time, our SaaS timesheet and expense management system. PM3time is easy to use and can be updated using a phone, tablet or PM3. Its SQL Server database enables many reports to be generated showing the time spent on projects and the internal cost of resources charged to projects.

Benefits to MRN

PM3time is very intuitive and can be updated on virtually any device that can be connected to the internet. Staff can only book time to projects that they are allowed to which prevents errors. The rate card functionality enables MRN to generate cost reports by any combination of client and project simplifying the billing process and improving accuracy.

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