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Walsall Healthcare NHS

Client challenge

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust provides local general hospital and community services to around 260,000 people in Walsall and the surrounding areas, providing inpatient and outpatient services at the Manor Hospital as well as a wide range of high quality, friendly and effective community health services from some 60 sites including health centres and GP surgeries. The Trust’s multidisciplinary services include rapid response in the community and homebased care, so that those with long term conditions and the frail elderly, can remain in their own homes to be cared for.

The Trust has over 400 projects and programmes that need to be delivered including a Cost Improvement Programme (CIP).  These 400 projects and programmes represent an important and sizeable investment for the Trust and were being managed using Excel and MS Project. To ensure proper governance and more effective reporting, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, launched a comprehensive tender to select a PMO tool to manage their portfolio.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust PMO Case study; how did we help?

After an extensive evaluation of the market and a number of demonstrations, Walsall Selected Bestoutcome’s PM3 tool.

Daren Fradgley, Director of Strategy and Transformation, said: “We selected PM3 because of its ease of use and the high quality reports generated from the system. PM3 is used widely in the NHS and this was another factor.”

Benefits to Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

Daren Fradgley commented: “Like many Trusts we are running a Cost Improvement Programme (CIP) and it was important we were able to track cost savings against our targets. Bestoutcome added a benefits tracker report to PM3 and we can now run benefits trackers and dashboards showing clearly the cost savings against target for each CIP scheme and the overall programme. The portfolio functionality in PM3 is powerful enabling us to report easily on any combination of projects and programmes. This was not possible using Excel and PowerPoint. We estimate that we have saved 5 days of project manager effort per week as previously they would be spending a lot of time producing reports. Now PM3 does this for them and they can concentrate on delivering their projects.”

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