A Framework for Change

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A guest blog post from Robert Cole managing director at Centre for Change Management

Doing change is hard; doing successful change is very hard. We know this because numerous surveys  show that all types of organisations have recognised the change problem and the majority claim that unsuccessful change happens more than half of the time. Can you imagine any other organisational function (finance, HR, IT, production, marketing, etc) that is so important to the survival of an organisation that is so poorly executed?  Any other strategic capability would have a Chief Officer on the executive team (now that is an idea: a Chief Change Officer)!

Our definition of success is that a change delivers all of the benefits identified in the business case at the cost in the business case (i.e. delivers agreed outcomes) and does not disrupt the business of the organisation beyond a prior agreed level.  Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet that will ensure success in change. To be successful a number of things have to be done, done well, and done in coordination. The steps towards success lie in building a capability and culture that embraces change, but only as long as it leads to benefits.


Robert Cole
Managing Director at Centre for Change Management

Robert is a founding director of the Centre for Change Management.  Having a background in projects, change and management in research and the Computer industry; Robert has worked as an independent change consultant, trainer and interim change manager for the last 12 years.

To find out more about the Centre for Change Management visit www.c4cm.co.uk.

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