AgileCheck – the Agile suitability assessor

Are you about to use an Agile approach, e.g. Scrum, for a project and need to determine if it is suitable? Do you need to be certain that the project is totally suitable for Agile, and understand the risks involved in working this way?

AgileCheck allows you to make an overall assessment of the suitability of this project to follow a totally Agile delivery approach, and a set of recommended Mitigation Actions to take if your project is not suitable for working this way.

AgileCheck can be used to assess your project’s suitability in minutes, and you can revise / edit your rating at any time during the project’s life-cycle.

Coming soon to the SharePoint App Store. Sharepoint-App-Store

Assess your project’s Agile suitability in four key areas

  • Business Suitability
  • Product Suitability
  • Team Suitability
  • Technology Suitability

SharePoint Apps

Using our extensive experience of delivering and independently reviewing change projects and programmes, we have developed AgileCheck in partnership with Complexus.

  • The software runs as an App in SharePoint
  • Easy for you to run the solution in existing on-Prem SharePoint 2013 or O365 SP Online.
  • You start the assessment by answering a set of simple questions with multiple choice answers.
  • Once the assessment is complete it is saved, dated & time stamped.
  • One-touch export to PDF or SharePoint, desktop and mobile.

AgileCheck factsheet

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