Project Risk Gauge

Project Risk Gauge

Project Risk Gauge – the project risk assessment App

To help drive project success, it’s always a good idea to review your project both before the project starts and at different stages in the project’s life cycle. Our consultants have undertaken many project reviews or health checks for our clients. These do not take the form of an audit. Instead they aim to help the project manager, sponsor and team put in place a set of actions that help ensure the successful delivery of the project outcomes.

Project Risk Gauge allows you to assess the overall risk of your project and provides you with a set of recommended mitigation actions to effectively reduce the risk of your project failing to be delivered to budget, schedule, scope or quality targets

Project Risk Gauge can hold multiple change projects, and you can revise / edit your rating at any time during a project’s life-cycle. It has options to print or e-mail the report to colleagues.

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Assess your project’s risk in four key areas

  • Right project
  • Right planning
  • Right governance
  • Right outcomes

Mobile Apps

We have developed Project Risk Gauge using our extensive experience of delivering and independently reviewing change projects and programmes.

This app does not replace our full health check service but does give you a good overview of your project’s risk and the set of mitigation actions that you can undertake to remove the risk or reduce its likelihood or impact.

Project Risk Gauge factsheet

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