Governance and Gateways

Programme and Project Stage Gates

Project or Stage Gates in PM3 provide key control points in the life-cycle to review the Programme or Project’s ongoing viability.

Stage gates can also be called toll gates or quality gates.

Project Toll Gates

PM3 allows you to define an unlimited number of ‘toll gate sets’ for different types of project to pass through.

At each Gate (e.g. Initiation Approval Gate, Launch Approval Gate) the Project Manager defines the Project’s RAG level of compliance with checklist questions specific to that Gate and submits the results for governance review.

The response might, for example, be ‘Proceed to next Gate’ or ‘Proceed to next Gate only after certain conditions have been fulfilled’ or ‘Do not Proceed’.

Quality Gate workflows in PM3

PM3 provides workflow that allows a project or programme manager to submit project artifacts or deliverables showing how his or her project passes or does not pass through any particular gate.

All gates within PM3 are configurable.