PM3change diagram

Change in business is increasing, not decreasing. Typical changes include: new product ranges and promotions, omni-channel strategy, point of sale roll-outs, staff training, store refits and new systems.

Often these Change Activities are initiated by different departments and co-ordination between them and the Local Business Units becomes exponentially more complex as the number of channels and changes increases. However, people can absorb only so much change – too much simultaneous change can disrupt operational performance, leading to reduced sales and poor customer service.

PM3change helps Operations Managers work with the change initiators to smooth out any conflicts, risks or change overload, and keep their focus on sales and customer service.

PM3change overview

“Bestoutcome’s PM3 software is helping the Premier Inn New Opening’s Team make more informed decisions as they deploy new hotel openings.”

Jacqui Allum, Head of New Openings for Premier Inn


Benefits of PM3change

  • Increased sales
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Improved operational performance
  • Better local staff retention