Visibly achieving your QIPP NHS savings targets

We all know the pressures that the NHS is under with an aging population and an increasing cost for health provision.  The NHS has to achieve value for money and the best quality for patients. Many Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are undertaking a Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) Programme ensuring that NHS money is spent wisely and for patient benefits. It is not a cost cutting programme more of a transformational programme involving all NHS staff.

It is important that savings and improvements are tracked and monitored on a regular basis. This means having the right toolset that efficiently tracks savings and benefits at project, programme and portfolio level.

Since 2006 Bestoutcome has been working with the NHS, and its toolset PM3 is used to successfully manage QIPP initiatives and  Quality Impact Assessments (QIA).

PM3 allows early intervention on failing projects and automates the production of QIPP reports like the one featured here.

To find out more about PM3 visit our dedicated NHS PMO page or Book a Demo.