Our ethos: Outcome management

Our Ethos: Outcome Management

Outcome management is key

Outcome Management is a ‘lean’ approach to programme and project management focused on delivering positive business outcomes, leading to realising the planned business benefits.

Delivering a programme to budget, schedule, scope and quality needs are of course highly important. But achieving positive business outcomes still trumps them all and so must be at the heart of project management, not an afterthought or ‘somebody else’s problem’.

‘Programme success’ must be defined by the customer (not the supplier) based on the delivery of the desired business benefits – if it isn’t then IT’s ‘success’ may still lead to the business’s ‘programme failure’.

Outcome Management – the four “keys to success”:

  • Right Portfolio
  • Right Planning
  • Right Governance
  • Right Outcomes

Right Portfolio

The first key to success is to be ruthlessly honest about the Business Cases for all the projects in the portfolio, and ensure that you are investing only in those which bring maximum value to the organisation.

Right Planning

The second key to success is to plan and manage your chosen projects for business benefits delivery, not just project outputs delivery. Do this from the very start of the life-cycle to the very end, using ‘outcome-driven planning’ techniques to ensure that project planning focuses on achieving the desired business outcomes and delivering the promised benefits.

Right Governance

The third key to success is to govern all projects for on-going viability using ‘gateway’ governance processes. Gateways ensure projects are ‘independently challenged’ as to the likelihood of still meeting the Business Case and delivering the desired business benefits.

Right Outcomes

The fourth key to success is to recognise that the delivering the project outputs is not the end of the story : it isn’t until people start using the outputs and change the way they work that the true business outcomes can be achieved, which will then lead to realising the required benefits.