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Client challenge

Staffordshire County Council is a democratically accountable organisation which serves a community of over 1 million people. It is the top-tier local council for the non-metropolitan county, and operates a cabinet-style council with 62 councilors. The County Council and its partners, including national government, spend over £7.5bn of public money in Staffordshire every year, and has a duty to make sure this money is spent as wisely and effectively as possible.

The Council’s vision is “a connected Staffordshire, where everyone has the opportunity to prosper, be healthy and happy“. In order to deliver this vision to Council recognises that all partners need to work together, coordinating their activities and making the best use of their resources to offer the best for Staffordshire people.

The Council has established the Transformation Support Unit (TSU) that provides a rigorous approach to shaping and delivering complex transformation projects. This has been central to supporting Staffordshire County Council deliver its Strategic Plan, Business Plan and Medium Term Financial Strategy.

The TSU  identified the need to establish an efficient Portfolio Management Tool to improve the co-ordination and visibility of these initiatives and help the Council deliver its vision.

How did we help?

Staffordshire County Council selected PM3 from Bestoutcome because of its ease of use, portfolio focus and flexibility. Working closely with the TSU we helped them configure PM3 to meet the Council’s ways-of-working, and provided initial training for the delivery teams.

Benefits to Staffordshire County Council

The TSU uses PM3 to support and feed the regular reporting and governance cycles for the Council. This helps ensure visibility and consistency of reporting across all the Council’s initiatives, leading to increased confidence that the programmes will deliver the required outcomes and the Council will achieve its vision.

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