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Blog – 3 ICS / ICP Benefits from a Common Project Management Platform

Over the last few years, Integrated Care Systems(ICS)s have been formed where NHS organisations in partnership with Councils and other organisations, work together to deliver NHS care, manage resources and improve the health of the populations they serve.

Integrated care partnerships (ICPs) have also been formed. These are alliances of NHS providers that work together to deliver care by agreeing to collaborate rather than compete. These providers include hospitals, community services, mental health services and GPs.

Whether you are in an ICP or ICS, you are going to be in a situation where multiple organisations are committed to working together. This collaborative way of working will include working on joint projects and programmes., i.e. cross organisational. To run these effectively, the organisations will need to run their projects on a common project management platform.

If each organisation in an ICs or ICS is using different tools and approaches, this will make collaborating on programmes more difficult and costly, if not impossible. If you were working in a single organisation and running a large programme you would not have each project manager using a separate tool; each project manager would use the same tool and approach to managing their projects. This principle is exactly the same for a programme that is being managed ICS or ICP wide.

Having a Project, Portfolio Management (PPM) solution across the ICS /ICP will make programme collaboration more effective but it also provides other benefits.

Reduced Cost of Tooling

An ICS/ICP can use economies of scale by buying PPM licenses from one vendor in bulk. This will reduce the cost of licenses to the NHS due to volume discounts.

Less Reinvention of the Wheel!

Having one PPM solution, which is a toolset with supporting methods, means that each organisation uses the same tool, templates and processes. Without a common PPM solution, each organisation will typically develop their own ways of working with different QIA and CIP processes for example. By having one solution, processes and templates are developed once reducing cost, duplication and errors.

Improved Communication to Stakeholders

A sponsor may be responsible for many projects or programmes which could be led by different organisations within the ICS or ICP.  If this is the case then without a common PPM platform, the sponsor could receive updates and status reports in different formats with different reporting criteria from each organisation. This makes it very difficult for the sponsor to understand the health of the programmes he or she is sponsoring and consequently what actions need to be taken.

A common tool across the ICS/ICP provides them with  a ‘single source of the truth’ with clear, accurate reporting.

Bestoutcome’s PPM Tool, PM3 Designed for the NHS

Bestoutcome’s solution, PM3, is being used across a number of ICS  and ICPs to manage projects and programmes.  PM3 allows partitioning where each organisation’s data is kept private while still allowing for collaboration on joint programmes.

For more information on how PM3 can support your ICS / ICP  please contact us at: or visit our website to view our PPM / PMO tool, PM3:





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