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Why a UK PPM Tool with ISO27001 accreditation is essential for GDPR

In light of recent developments on GDPR, more and more project managers are finding themselves having to justify the use of third-party apps and tools in the PMO. With such detailed compliance procedures, and hefty fines for companies that fail to adhere to the rules, making sure that your PPM tools comply with EU and UK data laws has never been more mission critical.

We recently became ISO27001 accredited for the 3rd year. Our in-house PMO expert, David Walton, gives his take on why this makes such a difference to new and existing clients when choosing a new supplier.


Press release

London May 8th 2018 – Bestoutcome, the leading project, portfolio management (PPM) software company that markets PM3, is pleased to announce that is has been accredited with ISO27001 for the third year running.

ISO27001 is one of the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards.

David Walton, Managing Director of Bestoutcome says:

“We are pleased to be able to tell our customers and prospects that we have again achieved this important security accreditation. We are one of the few PPM tool vendors to have achieved this standard. With the GDPR regulations about to be implemented, more customers are demanding, quite rightly, assurance that their data is secure and data processing meets the new standard.

GDPR has made organisations scrutinise their suppliers in terms of data security and adherence to data protection regulations. ISO27001 is becoming an important requirement for tool vendors so that they can demonstrate their commitment to information security.

Investing in ISO27001 for the last three years has given Bestoutcome and PM3 a clear advantage in our PPM market, especially as so few PPM vendors have ISO27001 accreditation. We fully expect ISO27001 to become mandatory for vendors in the PPM industry.”

Senior Account Manager, Jack Watson, stated:

"This ISO certification underscores our ongoing commitment to our customers in delivering a world-class PPM offering that meets global security best practices.”

About Bestoutcome and PM3

Bestoutcome specialises in Portfolio, Programme and Project Management, always focusing on the overall outcome to ensure successful business change.

Bestoutcome’s flagship PPM tool, PM3, was first launched in 2007 and is widely used in a number of sectors including Financial Services, Hospitality, Education and the NHS.

PM3 has recently been re-designed to be optimised for android and IOS tablets. Our User Experience team have helped develop a very simple yet powerful PPM tool.

Media Contact: Judi Beater

About the author

The author - David Walton

David Walton - I am David Walton, Programme, Project and Portfolio Management specialist and director of Bestoutcome here in the UK. We make the PMO tools PM3, PM3time and PM3NHS, the only PMO tools designed by practitioners for practitioners.

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