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Bestoutcome NHS Case Study featured in Project Manager Today

We are pleased to report that PM3, the preferred NHS PMO tool used by numerous NHS Trusts’ PMOs across the UK, has been featured in the leading Project and Programme Management magazine Project Manager Today in a detailed NHS case study. PM Today June 2015

The detailed case study describes how Margaret Armstrong, the PMO Manager at NHS Warrington & Halton Hospitals, used PM3 to help meet the challenges faced by NHS staff as they implement the changes to delivery of services imposed by the Government.

With efficiency plans and savings to be made each year (knows as cost improvement programmes or CIP), they face a huge challenge in ensuring that they also provide the NHS auditors with evidence of robust assurance around all governance arrangements and Quality Impact Assessments (QIA).

With CIP savings targeted at £11.9 million in 2014/15, all to be implemented at the same time as running a major transformational change programme addressing key challenges and priorities, they faced often difficult and frustrating obstacles.

Reasons for this included:
Busy operational programme and project managers couldn’t find the time to devote to vital updates to milestone plans and governance reporting

The PMO was spending significant time chasing each project for this information

Each project was using its own standards and formats

The quality of the data provided by the programmes and projects was extremely variable

The PMO then had to manually collate risk registers, issue logs, KPI and progress updates

Programme boards found it difficult to understand the true, accurate status of projects

There was a lack of visual, robust project plans supported by action plans

In short, there was insufficient evidence to satisfy either senior management or the auditors.

To find out more about the key challenges faced by Margaret Armstrong, PMO Manager at WHH and how PM3 provided a clear, user-friendly solution. You can download a copy of the article below.

NHS Case Study PMToday June2015

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