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The Top 3 PMO Reports by Bestoutcome

PMO Tools like PM3 are widely used across many sectors and different industries. They offer a versatility, and an overview, that cannot be replicated with email chains and spreadsheets, especially when it comes to accurate reporting. But what exactly do our most popular PMO reports actually look like?In this blog, our in-house PMO expert David Walton has replicated Bestoutcome's Top 3 PMO reports. The data is all made up, but the reports give you an insight into how real PMO's across the UK are making use of PM3 everyday to give themselves one version of the truth across all their projects, programmes and portfolios.

Every PMO team we meet has a different set of PMO reports that they use as part of their ‘drumbeat’ reporting. They can be quite different for each organisation. At Bestoutcome we provide a PPM tool, PM3 to our clients. PM3 provides many reports out of the box at project, programme and portfolio level.

We have analysed how many times each report has been run and it is clear that there are some winners in terms of popularity.

So, below I have listed the most popular PMO reports produced by PM3 users.

Project Report 1: Project Highlight Report

A screenshot showing a popular Project Highlight Report from the PMO tool PM3

Second screenshot showing a Project Highlight Report from Bestoutcome's PMO Tool, PM3

Report 2: Project Highlight Report with mitigations

Screenshot of PMO Tool PM3 shoing Project Highlight Report with mitigations

Report 3: Portfolio Report Executive Summary

Screenshot of PMO Tool PM3 showing a Portfolio Report Executive Summary


With PM3, we have taken the approach of providing lots of high quality project, programme and portfolio reports. It is important, in our view, to be able to provide quality reporting on the data that has been entered. It also enables project managers to focus on delivery their project outcomes and deliverables and not spend their time compiling highlight reports in Excel and PowerPoint.

For more information on PMO and implementing PMO tools, please contact us on or visit our PPM / PMO tool, PM3.

About the author

The author - David Walton

David Walton - I am David Walton, Programme, Project and Portfolio Management specialist and director of Bestoutcome here in the UK. We make the PMO tools PM3, PM3time and PM3NHS, the only PMO tools designed by practitioners for practitioners.

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