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20:20 webinars – “Change overload and how to avoid it”

20:20 WebinarsJoin us for a 20-minute webinar on the 20th of the month, starting at 14:00 UK time.
Change overload and how to avoid it

These days it feels like everything we get asked to do is top-priority.

But how do you prioritise when everything is top-priority, and what happens when the list of top-priority changes just keeps growing ?

This is the modern equivalent of the “straw that broke the camel’s back”, and we’re seeing more and more clients becoming overloaded with change.

In this webinar, Mike Pryor, Principal Consultant at Bestoutcome, will describe clients who have adopted an outcome-driven heat-map approach to programmes and projects, which allows them to manage the amount of change underway at any time and to balance their priorities and resources effectively.

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