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White Paper 12: Intelligent Governance – Smart Gateways & Sharp Communications

The need for programme governance has never been greater, yet it is so often seen as unnecessary red tape : Programme Managers just want to get on delivering stuff, they don’t want to get bogged down in administration. Yet every programme has a number of key decision and review points, where the continued viability of the programme needs to be confirmed by the Sponsor and key stakeholders.

This White paper describes a pragmatic approach to making these key decision/review points effective, smart, and appropriate to the risk profile of the programme. Smart Gateways are a proven powerful, flexible and sustainable technique that forms part of many modern organisation’s ways-of-working, which provide insights into the viability and the quality of the programme, and support focussed and sharp communications with your key stakeholders.

And as we all know, the consequences of not doing good, intelligent governance can be extreme : loss of reputation, loss of jobs or even the entire business.

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