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White Paper 15: Intelligent Project kick-off; don’t waste your time planning

Learn how to optimise the time spent planning during project kick-off

Project kick-off is the most important phase of a project, bar none. But too many organisations waste time trying to produce a detailed, credible plan during kick-off when it just isn’t possible.

This white paper describes a smart, proven, outcome-driven approach to kicking off projects and programmes effectively, leading to an agreed, workable, measurable plan for delivering the work.

  • Use outcome-driven planning to produce two plans :
  1. a high-level plan that shows the Key Milestones which the stakeholders focus on, which will lead to achieving the desired outcomes
  2. a detailed plan showing the activities needed to achieve the Milestones
  • Don't plan what you don’t know. Use rolling-wave planning (for the detailed plan) to plan in detail for the next phase and in overview beyond that


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