Key Take Aways from the PMO Conference

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There was a tremendous buzz around Whitehall Court yesterday morning, with delegates eagerly awaiting the opening of the first PMO Conference in London.

And they weren’t disappointed.

A full day’s programme of expert speakers, client experiences, discussion panels and supplier demonstrations ensured that this was a day well spent for PMO professionals.

The fact this conference even exists confirms the sea-change that is taking place in the world of the PMO – finally emerging from the administrative wasteland to be recognised as the beating heart of a modern enterprise.

Key Themes

Throughout the day some common themes occurred:

  • Know your PMO customers and work with them
  • Focus on your people not just tools
  • Listen and learn and do continuous improvement
  • Keep aligned with corporate strategy
  • Add value by spotting trends early.

These themes resonate with what we at Bestoutcome see with our clients, especially the people-centric, outcome-driven approach to change initiatives.

End user insights

Delegates said that they particularly liked the sessions which were given by end users – this is where the whole PMO world comes alive and becomes more real, more tangible.

Many organisations already have one or more PMOs in place, but are looking at ways to enhance, exploit and strengthen this to add even more value to their organisations.

The conference closed with two main calls to action : think big, act big, understanding the overall portfolio is the prize – so seize the opportunity and transform your PMO into a true business-driven function.

Comments from delegates at the after-conference drinks confirmed that this had been a valuable day, including: “the speakers were authoritative and thought provoking”, “we can really use some of these ideas now” and “I’ll bring my other colleagues next year, they would really enjoy it too”

Mike Pryor
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