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PM3time mobile – complete on-the-go time and expenses management

PM3time mobile is an easy to use app to manage your time and expenses on the move.

PM3time mobile integrates with the PM3time cloud-based time tracking and expenses system. It can be used stand-alone and synchronised with PM3time to provide a clear ‘real-time’ visibility of time, costs and expenses.

PM3time mobile includes an approval workflow where timesheets are sent via to the approver who can approve or decline the timesheet from within the email.

Coming soon to the Apple and Android Appstores.

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Time and expense management on the go…

  • Book time and expenses to tasks/projects
  • Send timesheets for approval
  • Upload expense receipts
  • See a history of all time and expenses

Mobile Apps

We have developed PM3time using our extensive experience of delivering change projects and programmes for clients.

Using PM3time you have no more lost timesheets or expense claims, and can eliminate booking to wrong codes.

PM3time mobile factsheet

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