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New PM3time, Bestoutcome's

timesheet software, now

includes an interface to XERO

It’s so easy to use

Interfaces with Xero

Time recording made simple

Fast timesheet approval

Easy invoicing

One-touch reporting

Works on your smartphone

“PM3time is very easy to use and administer. It has simplified our administration and given us valuable insight into our project actuals.”

Simon Mouncer Finance Director of Medical Research Network

The benefits of PM3time include:

  • Reduced admin effort and cost
  • Reduced timesheet fraud
  • Improved accuracy of time & cost data
  • Simplified reporting & invoicing
  • Improved control over time booked

Features in depth

Recording Time

Quickly record the time spent on tasks each week. A person can work on multiple tasks, on multiple projects, and for multiple clients if necessary, all within the same timesheet system.

Fast data entry

Flexible work categorisation all on a convenient week view of timesheet

Single-click setup of tasks for the week (copy from previous week)

Record time in hours or in days

Template timesheets can be created

Recording Expenses

Quickly record the expenses you have incurred.

Fast data entry

Flexible categorisation by project and by client


Approving Timesheets & Expenses

Timesheets and expenses often need to be approved by a line manager. PM3time has a workflow engine that automates the approval process and allows the line manager to either accept a timesheet or to decline it, giving a reason.

The automated workflow saves time and keeps an electronic record of approved timesheets and expense claims.

Multi-level control over approver network

Removes the need for paper trail

Time & Expense Reporting

PM3time's reporting engine can print out utilization, cost and billing reports for each customer, project, business or organisation. This includes drill down, slice-and-dice and comparisons e.g. on contractor expenses

All reports can be exported to Excel, Word and pdf.

PM3time interfaces with PM3, our flagship PPM solution. Time records can be imported into PM3, allowing additional reporting of resources used against budget and capacity.


Multiple Rate Cards

PM3time has powerful functionality allowing resources to have multiple rates (e.g. internal charge rate and external charge our rate).

Rates can be allocated by selected time periods, and by customer.


Many client service organisations give their consultants utilisation targets. PM3time captures utilisation targets by role or by person and automatically calculates actual utilisation based on consultants working on billable projects.

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