PPM tools overview for roles

One version of the truth

PM3 is designed as the central hub of information, providing “one version of the truth” for many different roles within an organisation, on all of your portfolios, projects and programmes.

All the information that you need to do your job is always available, whenever you need it. And you choose what you want to see, when and where you want to see it (on a mobile device, tablet or desktop).

Everything is presented in a concise, consistent, secure and up to date format to facilitate informed decision making for all roles, at every level.

Full visibility of the entire portfolio

  • Executives & Sponsors have summary-level Dashboards giving full visibility of all initiatives, showing summarised information (and can drill-down as necessary)
  • Programme Managers & Project Managers have consolidated status information and can quickly provide regular updates
  • Their Delivery Teams have all the detail they need to do their work and collaborate with their colleagues, and
  • The PMO can see everything and can provide assurance on governance and best practice


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