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PM3 contains a comprehensive project accounting system that allows you to track budgets, forecasts and actuals at a macro level, e.g. Capex or at a more granular level. Project finances are automatically rolled up to the programme level.

Procurement can use PM3time as a tool to check on the rates of highly paid contractors or consultants. This information can be used to renegotiate terms with some suppliers.

PM3time also includes a self-billing module that generates the invoices for the agencies to send to the client. This reduces error rates in invoices and simplifies administration.

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Managing Finances Effectively

PM3 allows you to view your financial commitments by project, by expenditure Category (Capex/Revex) and by Expenditure Item. This information can be displayed Gantt, tabular and graphical formats.

Finance Managers can look across a portfolio to see the future loading of spend and take decisions to maximise utilisation or to bid for extra money if necessary.

Together with PM3time, PM3 helps manage your supplier costs. For example, you can rank the costs of each contractor and the billings of each supplier enabling procurement to negotiate better terms with contractors and suppliers.

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