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Operations Managers are in the business of managing change and avoiding change overload at their outlets – whether it is new ranges, POS roll-outs, staff training or store refits, the level of change in business is increasing. Often these changes are initiated by different departments across the business and co-ordination between them and the business outlets becomes exponentially more complex as the number of channels and changes increases.

However, people working in the outlets are on the receiving end of these changes and can absorb only so much – too much simultaneous change can disrupt operational performance, leading to reduced sales and poor customer service.

So the goal is to phase and time the Change Activities to minimise change spikes within individual outlets and smooth the change load across all outlets. And this is precisely what PM3change is designed to achieve.

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Avoiding change overload

PM3change lets you:

  • Identify your Business Units (e.g. stores/branches/hotels)
  • Create standard sets of Change Activities
  • Roll out these activities to your Business Units
  • Assess the change impact on local staff
  • Spot change overloads quickly and re-balance your workplan
  • Monitor progress and manage risk

In this report Red indicates a change overload across a selection of Business Units

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