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PM3 has been developed by practitioners for practitioners. This means that it works how you want to work, at Programme and at Project level.

  • Programme Managers need to see the entire programme plan together with any risks, issues and milestones that have been escalated from the individual projects. This allows them to focus on what’s important and not get distracted by the ‘noise’ of lower level milestones/tasks
  • Project Managers need to see the entire project plan: the milestones, tasks, actions, risks and issues that affect the delivery of the project, and be certain that the delivery teams are collaborating effectively

PM3 helps you develop plans as a series of desired business outcomes, developed top-down with the stakeholders. It is designed as the central hub of information, providing “one version of the truth” on all the initiatives the Programme and Project Managers are responsible for.

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Standardised status information

Programme Managers have consolidated status information and can drill down as necessary to the individual projects in the programme. This allows them to focus on the big-picture : the key milestones, risks, issues, costs and benefits that, together, will ensure the programme achieves the necessary outcomes.

Project Managers have their entire plan in one place (Milestone and Task plans, risk and issue logs, cost and resource information) and can quickly provide regular updates on their projects – it takes less than 5 minutes to do a weekly status update on a plan.

One-touch exception-based reporting is also available, meaning the manager can quickly identify any ‘at-risk’ areas of the programme or project and make timely interventions to resolve them.

This makes it easy to communicate upwards with senior management and downwards with the delivery teams.

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