PPM tools for hospitality

Change Management tools for the hospitality industry

PM3 is being used in the hospitality sector to manage the roll-out of new hotels and the refurbishments of existing hotels. You can develop a template plan in PM3, for example, to open a new hotel or restaurant and then copy this plan to a number of sites. It provides practitioners with a hospitality sector programme management tool that allows you to realise the true value of your projects across the board.

This ensures that each hotel new build or refurbishment is project managed in the same way. PM3 also allows you to get a real-time view of the progress of hotel builds in a particular region, e.g North East.

PM3 is also used by the restaurant sector to roll-out a standard projects to the restaurant estate, e.g. a new menu.

PM3 for Hospitality factsheet

Our hospitality clients realise many benefits from using PM3 :

  • Reduced cost of PMOs
  • Brand protection
  • Improved view of change impact
  • One version of the truth
  • Reduction in late openings

Our case studies

To understand how Premier Inns use PM3 to build new hotels and refurbish existing hotels, please click here.

PM3 for hospitality sector