PM3 for IT departments

What our IT clients say

“We felt that bestoutcome PM3 provided many of the features and functionality of the extensive tools sets in a much more affordable but scalable system. PM3 has established a a rhythm or a drumbeat on how we report. The combination of outcome driven project management and pm3 has directly improved our productivity.”

– Roger Stickland, IT Director, university of Surrey

“PM3 provided me with all the benefits that I needed in terms of managing resources, finances, and progress. PM3 was also priced appropriately. Our CIO can see all projects in all our portfolios. It has meant that we are closing more projects in a timely fashion.”

– Gordon Maxwell, head of IT Projects.

IT PPM software built by practitioners for practitioners

PM3 and PM3time are easy-to-use cloud based IT PPM tools that can be used to manage projects and programmes, from simple timekeeping to large scale transformation programmes.

IT departments can use PM3 to:

  • Plan projects using PM3’s milestone and GANTT planning tools
  • Manage resources effectively
  • Control project spend using stage gates
  • Accurately record project time and costs using pm3time
  • Create portfolios where projects can be in multiple portfolios
  • Generate high quality dashboard and reports
  • Keep projects on track using automatic email alerts when milestones or actions slip
  • Escalate milestones, risks and issues to the programme level

Click on the thumbnails above to see a PM3 dashboard and a gantt chart

Our IT clients realise many benefits from using PM3 and these include:

  • Clear Pipeline of initiatives
  • Improved utilisation of resources
  • One version of the truth
  • Automatic report generation

3 reasons why PM3 will help you deliver better projects and programmes

  • Milestone planning module focuses on the overall outcome of the project and the intermediary milestones needed to deliver the holistic change.
  • Governance modules identify areas of concern on your project that can be rectified so your project or programme is brought back on track
  • Comprehensive reporting engine allows the project team to focus on the delivery of the project rather than producing endless reports.
PM3 for IT Teams

What makes PM3 an effective project and programme management tool?

  • PM3 is designed by practitioners for practitioners. It works the way project managers work. It helps you to plan projects using its unique top-down milestone planning module. It plans projects at different levels of detail ideal for senior stakeholders and the project team. PM3 contains over 175 out of the box reports allowing the project manager to focus on delivery of the project rather than compiling reports.

What makes PM3 an effective PMO tool?

  • PM3 provides key functionality for all the project managers and keeps all the project information in one place. This ensures ‘one version of the truth’. PM3’s powerful portfolio capability allows projects to be put into many portfolios allowing project information to be collated and reported on in any combination.

How can I use PM3 to improve my IT team’s performance?

  • PM3 works the way your project managers and team work. Rather than using disparate spreadsheets and project planning tools, all project planning and control capabilities are provided by one tool, PM3. PM3 contains many out of the box status reports which saves time and enables the team to focus on delivering the project.

How does PM3 compare to other project management tools.

  • PM3 is used to manage both small projects and also large scale transformation programmes. It is designed by practitioners for practitioners so it works the way you work. It is different from other project management applications in that it objectively defines RAG statuses and allows you to escalate milestones, risks and issues from the project to the programme level. This allows the programme manager to focus on the Important aspects of the programme. With PM3 you can start with a few basic modules and then add more when you need them. PM3 is not a one size fits all.

How does PMO compare to other PMO tools?

  • PM3 provides the functionality of large scale expensive tools but at a reasonable price point. Its ability to group projects into multiple portfolios allows the PMO to report on any combination of projects in a matter of seconds. PM3 has a focus on milestones and work streams ensuring that all change aspects of a project are identified and delivered. Project and programme KPIs are objectively defined driving consistency across the organisation.

How much training will be required if I implement PM3?

  • Our standard training course is half a day and is supplemented by our support help desk and on-line training videos. We don’t sell you PM3 and walk away but work with you to ensure an effective implementation.