Health Checks

Services: Health Checks

Taking the project’s temperature

Just as the medical profession urges us to have regular health-checks to see if our bodies are functioning as they should, project managers should be encouraged to undergo regular ‘project health-checks’.

As a project proceeds through its life cycle, it is essential to regularly check that the benefits are on track to be delivered, and if they are not, taking appropriate action. Although the project manager should be checking this regularly, it helps to have an independent review to determine if the business case used to justify the project is going to be realised.

At Bestoutcome we believe that a programme or project exists only to deliver its benefits, and we approach these health-checks not as an audit, but more as a way of helping the project manager and stakeholders focus on delivering the programme or project successfully.

Our services follow four core principles:

  • Clearly define the outcomes
  • Focus on people change
  • Leverage best practice
  • Establish a sustainable outcome

Our credentials

Bestoutcome was founded in 2000. We specialise in providing portfolio, programme and project management, services and products to a distinguished set of blue-chip clients.

Our success has been built upon an exceptional group of talented practitioners, all with experience gained in major consultancies, who have assisted some of the UK’s leading organisations to manage major change programmes and providing advice and training in best practice.

Our staff are experienced practitioners – they have been there and got the T-shirt. This means that we can talk to your project and programme sponsors and delivery teams from a position of experience and knowledge to help ensure you achieve successful outcomes.

Services: Health Checks