PM3: Multi-Award Winning PPM Tool

• 'Most Recommended', Software Advice 2020
• 'Best Value', Capterra 2020
• 'Best Ease of Use', Capterra 2020

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Case Studies

At the Medical Defence Union (Insurance), PM3’s automatic reporting has enabled project managers to focus more on delivering their project outcomes.

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Product Overview

PM3 is a pragmatic solution that is used in financial services. Bestoutcome has ISO27001 accreditation, Cyber Essentials and data stored in the UK with high availability.

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PMOs use PM3 to run portfolio reports, manage inter-dependencies, uncover failing projects with drill-down dashboards & manage resources.

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PM3 for Financial Services

In the fast moving world of financial services, PM3 is the ideal PPM tool. It is easy to use and quick to implement. With PM3 you can create your own reports using a range of BI tools including PowerBI. PM3 also has over 150 high quality reports that can be configured and automatically emailed to stakeholders. It includes our best-in-class core capabilities:

  • Pipeline management
  • Resource management
  • Change management
  • Financial management
  • Risk management


PM3 allows you to plan your portfolio and assess projects against risk, value, cost and benefits. All project priorities can be viewed using our portfolio prioritization matrix.

Resources are a big cost to any financial services organisation. Efficiently, managing your permanent and contractor resources are key to good financial management. PM3 allows you to pragmatically manage your resources so that you have the right resource mix to deliver your portfolio and you also do not have idle resources costing you money.

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