Productivity in the UK – How the British workforce compares in 2017

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In these times of great uncertainty, just how geared up are we for the big changes ahead? We’ve broken down the basics of British business productivity to help you understand just how efficient the UK currently is; but most importantly, how you can help your own teams to make improvements across the board too!

Which activities waste the most time at work?


It might only feel like the odd 5 minutes, but all of those little daily tasks certainly add up over the year!

  • Chatting with colleagues – 6 days
  • Ciggie breaks – 3 days
  • Making tea/coffee – 4 days
  • Personal emails – 4 days
  • Checking social media – 3 days
  • Private phone calls – 3 days
  • Personal errands – 3 days
  • Online shopping – 3 days

25 – 34 year olds waste more time at work than any other age group


But let’s face it;
it’s probably because they are having more fun!

What hampers your work productivity the most?


These are the Top 5 most frustrating ‘time-wasters’ for the average British worker

  • Fixing technology
  • Unnecessary internal meetings
  • Commuting to and from work
  • Unscheduled client calls
  • Any tasks not related to the job spec

By the time a British worker generates £1, a German worker generates £1.35


“It only takes a German worker four days to produce what we make in five. This means that too many Brits are working longer hours, for lower pay, than our German counterparts.”

Which G7 countries are more productive than the UK?


Surprisingly, we aren’t amongst the top 3 in Europe!

  • Germany
  • USA
  • France
  • Italy

Declining productivity in the UK


2% = The current long-term productivity growth forecast for the UK

5% = The highest rate of productivity reached by the UK between 1997 – 2007

18% = How much more x1 hour of work would be worth today if we’d maintained this trajectory

What are the best ways to improve productivity?

  • Invest in new tools, IT and machinery
  • Create new streamlined processes

Londoners are the most productive workers in the UK, but who are the others?

  1. London
  2. Aberdeen
  3. Ayrshire
  4. Derby
  5. Solihull
  6. Bristol
  7. Oxford
  8. Home Counties

Mon Dieu!


The UK has lower unemployment and a bigger workforce than France – but lower productivity and lower pay.

Productivity and well-being

Productivity isn’t all about the boss’s profits. According to the ONS:

“Improved productivity results in better living standards because it translates into an increase in output without any increase in input.”

Using timesheets to improve productivity

Although unpopular with workers, timesheets are proven to be one of the most effective ways of improving productivity:

“A timesheet system lets you analyse where workers are spending time on non-productive work and reallocate resources.

Increasing productivity, all other things being equal, will lift company profitability and with the right company ethos all staff will be able to benefit.”

David Walton,


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