Sisk choose PM3 as their PPM Tool Solution

Press Release 11-11-2022

Sisk is an innovative, international, construction and engineering company. With a 160 year history spanning three centuries, their family business has stayed true to John Sisk’s vision of providing exceptionally high levels of construction expertise and customer service by employing, training and motivating capable staff.

Why did Sisk choose PM3?

A business thrives when projects are delivered on time, within budget and yield successful results. Sisk, runs over 50 projects and programmes and it can be difficult to keep track of every project metric and report accurately.

Sisk came to us with a set of clear objectives they would like to achieve by implementing PM3:

  • Clear understanding of the current status of all project activities at any time
  • A structured, scalable environment through which project teams can deliver their projects
  • Clear benefits tracking
  • Ability to leverage lessons learned from previous and similar projects
  • An improvement in project management maturity
  • An improvement in project success rates
  • An improvement in project communication to all appropriate levels of the organisation.

Having one system is key to running and delivering successful projects and programmes. PM3 has been designed to be the single source of truth. PM3 promotes standardisation, efficient resource management, improved governance and supports the objectives listed by Sisk.

Richard Warner, Head of Strategy and SPMO said: “We chose PM3, because the platform is easy to use, reporting is made simple and delivers the functionality we were looking for”.

David Walton, Director at BestOutcome said: “I am delighted that John Sisk and Son have chosen to implement PM3 as their PPM solution. I look forward to working with the team to achieve their desired outcomes”.

About BestOutcome

Established in 2000, BestOutcome are a leading PPM/Change practice providing an award-winning PPM Tool, PM3, to the public, private and charitable sectors.

BestOutcome work very closely with their clients to understand their requirements and establish what success looks like to them. They take an outcome-driven approach and provide expert advice on best practice. They believe that the tool itself is just part of the solution; a good process and well-trained project practitioners are also needed to deliver the desired outcomes.

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Outcome-driven success

Outcome-driven success

Our products help you deliver successful change programmes and projects by always focusing on the overall business outcomes. Find out how our products can help you.

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