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You don't have time or resources to deliver your projects relying on spreadsheets and
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Simple, scalable PPM software

Because outcomes matter

"Well thought-out interface, I can quickly find the information I need"

Mark Goulds – MDU

"A real game changer."

Darren Peall – Head of PMO (East Surrey NHS CCG)

"The 'promotion' in PM3 of milestones, risks and issues enables senior management to see the wood for the trees"

Gordon Maxwell – Head of Delivery, Willmott Dixon
  • Drill-down Visibility of all Initiatives
  • Top-Down Outcome Driven Planning
  • Promotion and Key Milestones
  • Consolidated Status Information
  • Collaboration for Delivery Teams
  • PMO Governance and Best Practice
  • Cloud Based
  • Modular design

PM3 is designed as the central hub of information, providing "one version of the truth" on all your portfolios, projects and programmes.

Used in a wide variety of sectors including:

  • Health
  • Retail
  • IT
  • Construction
  • Hospitality

All the information you need is always available, whenever you need it. Everything's presented in a secure, concise and consistent format to help decision making at every level.

PM3 key features

PM3's Outcome-Driven view of all your initiatives maximises the value of all your programme and project investments. This means you always have:

  • The right portfolio of initiatives
  • Which have been planned right so you know you can deliver them
  • Which are governed right to make sure they all stay on track
  • Leading to achieving the right outcomes for your business

Right portfolio

PM3 adds value by helping you identify the Right Portfolio - the optimal mix of projects and programmes that'll deliver the right outcomes for your business.

PM3's Business Priority Matrix shows the portfolio of proposed business projects that have been assessed according to their relative value, risk and payback period. Projects towards the top right of the matrix are Gold priority. They're valuable and low risk. These are the projects that you're most likely to invest in.

Once the optimal portfolio's agreed you can plan the projects and programmes, then track and govern their progress.

Right planning

PM3 adds value by helping you do the Right Planning. Top-down, planning allows key stakeholders to agree important business milestones before planning and scheduling tasks.

PM3 provides powerful resource and financial capacity planning tools so you can avoid any bottlenecks or shortfalls. It also allows you to explore alternative 'what if' scenarios, like increasing headcount or delaying projects, to help you find the optimum mix for delivery.

Of course, PM3 also supports traditional bottom-up task planning, scheduling and Gantt charts, and has a two-way interface with Microsoft Project.


Right governance

When you have decided the right mix of projects and programmes, you need to make sure that these are delivered successfully.

PM3 helps you by providing the right governance. PM3 maintains a set of configurable stage gates that check that the project or programme is on track and the business justification is still valid.

There are a range of configurable delivery status indicators that can be used to objectively measure the project or programme.

In addition, PM3 has a range of governance reports including highlight reports that can be viewed or printed or emailed.

Right outcomes

PM3 adds value by helping you achieve the Right Outcomes for your business. Firstly, it allows you to track monthly, the extent to which your planned benefits have been realized.

PM3 supports effective communications by allowing the drumbeat reports to be scheduled for automatic delivery with a unique facility to escalate anything critical to senior management (e.g. risks, issues, milestones) so they stay focused on the big picture.

And finally it allows you to measure and demonstrate the success of completed projects.


"We found pm3time and PM3 very easy to configure and implement. We especially like the portfolio capability where a project can be added into many portfolios. This enables us to report on any combination of projects in seconds."

Mark Goulds, PMO Portfolio Manager

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PM3 key features


PM3 is a unique portfolio, programme and project management tool

PM3 is the only Outcome-Driven portfolio, programme and project management tool that helps you run everything from simple stand-alone projects to large-scale business change programmes.

PM3 is designed as the central hub providing "one version of the truth" on your entire portfolio of projects and programmes.

This means that the information that you need is always available, whenever you need it. And you choose what you want to see, and when and where you want to see it (on a mobile device, tablet or desktop). Everything's presented in a concise, consistent, secure and up to date format to help decision making at every level.

PM3 works the way you do

PM3's been designed by practitioners for practitioners so it works in the same way you do. It mirrors your world, supporting and strengthening your business processes. PM3's Outcome-Driven view of all your initiatives maximises the value of all your programme and project investment

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The benefits of PM3 include:

  • Improved visibility of entire portfolio
  • Quickly identify ‘at risk’ projects
  • Improved demand vs capacity planning
  • Reduced time on reporting & governance