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PM3, the PPM tool, that means never having to write another highlight report!

PM3 is an award-winning Project, Portfolio Management (PPM) solution used by many private sector organisations, including companies in these sectors:

  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality
  • Consumer Products
  • Health Care
  • Legal
  • Transport

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Whether you are running a few standalone projects or transformation programmes, PM3 ensures that your portfolio is the right mix of projects and programmes. PM3 also helps you deliver the expected outcomes of your projects. PM3 delivers results!

PM3 is the PPM tool that project managers want to use. It allows project managers to focus on delivering their project outcomes instead of spending time writing highlight reports. With PM3, information is entered once and highlight reports are automatically generated.

The PMO can see all initiatives in PM3 whether they are standalone projects or digital transformation programmes. This ‘one version of the truth’ enables the PMO to make informed decisions on their portfolio.

PM3 allows organisations to objectively assess whether they have the right resources to deliver their portfolio of initiatives demanded by the business. PM3 will also highlight where contractors and staff are under-utilised.

PM3 provides over 100 out of the box project, programme and portfolio reports that can be sent automatically to stakeholders or exported to a Microsoft Teams Channel. The reporting in PM3 standardises reporting and saves an enormous amount of project manager time allowing the project manager to focus on delivering their projects rather than compiling highlight reports in spreadsheets. You can also create your own reports by dragging and dropping ‘reportlets’

Easy to use for maximised efficiency

Ensure better outcomes with software that is easily configured by you and matches your processes.

Simplify Resource management

Request resources by utilising simple workflows and allocate the people who have the right skills and availability.

Create Custom Dashboards

Create your own dashboards by dragging and dropping dashlets.

Increase Team Collaboration

Enable your dispersed teams to collaborate using the PM3Team app and PM3’s integration with MSTeams.

Prioritisation and Transformation

PM3 is not just a project management system, it has been designed to manage programmes and portfolios.

Agile and Waterfall

PM3 supports waterfall (Prince 2™) and agile methods including user stories, sprints and kanban boards.

Benefits Realisation

PM3 ensures that your benefit plan is realistic in terms of its timing and value.


PM3 has great-looking dashboards that you can configure. Dashboards allow drill down to lower levels of detail where appropriate. They have been well designed by UI experts and can either be on-screen or printed as reports. PM3 dashboards are heavily used by executives and portfolio managers.

Why chose PM3?

Why chose PM3?

  • PM3 is easy to use.
  • PM3 is an award winning PPM Solution
  • PM3 is designed as the ‘single source of the truth’
  • PM3 has ISO27001 (Information Security) and Cyber Essentials accreditations
  • Use one integrated platform rather than multiple disparate tools
  • PM3 is a holistic solution providing tools, training, and guidance on how to deliver projects and programmes
Why chose PM3?

What our clients say about us


“The simplicity of the tool allows users to be quickly trained and ensures the speed at which PM3 can be deployed is lightening fast. Don’t confuse simplicity with inadequate – the tool is incredibly powerful to plan and manage a complex Portfolio and the reporting modules allow you to extract the data in clear format for Senior Leadership reporting.”

Jack W.

Head of Portfolio Management

Source: Capterra

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