Our Approach

PM3 and BestOutcome are different. We are passionate about helping you improve your project and programme delivery.

Our offering is not just a PPM tool but a PPM solution. Because of our experience in successfully running projects and programmes, we understand how a PPM tool needs to work so that it adds value to the PMO, programme professionals and project managers.

We provide not only an award-winning PPM tool, but a holistic approach to helping you improve your overall project delivery; this needs more than a PPM tool.

Our Implementation Approach

Because our PM3 consultants are all experienced project and programme delivery professionals we know how to interact with your project teams to transfer knowledge and ensure PM3 sticks.


PM3 has a number of role-based training modules that can be tailored. All courses are interactive, hands-on and can be integrated with your governance processes.


We believe that PM3 training should be supplemented by mentoring from experienced project / programme managers who are expert in PM3.

Change Management

To help PM3 become embedded we treat each PM3 implementation as a change project and identify the right change champions to make PM3 a success.

Learning Portal

PM3 includes a learning portal where you can access short instructional videos to help onboard new staff or reinforce lessons from formal training.

Train the Trainer

We also offer a train the trainer package where you can use Bestoutcome’s course materials and training system to train your staff



We pride ourselves on our integrity. We are passionate about helping our clients improve their project delivery and to get the maximum return on their PM3 investment. We will always be honest about what PM3 can and cannot do.


Change Management

We recognise the importance of change management in implementing any tool and PM3 is no exception. We work with you to develop a compelling need to change and ensure that all PM3 users understand and buy-in to the need for change and the benefits to them individually and the organisation. This approach ensures a successful PM3 implementation.


Trusted by companies nationwide

In short, this has been the most beneficial product we have used in the PMO... ever! Bestoutcome have been positive, supportive and responsive throughout. First-class experience. Training and configuration were completed by knowledgeable staff who retained the customer focus at all times Bestoutcome really do value their customers views and welcome suggestions for additional features/functionality Customer service is excellent both in terms of speed of response and the can do attitude of the Bestoutcome team.

Colin D

PM3 has been a valuable tool for our business Our overall experience has been incredibly positive. The consultancy and support we have received really helped lay the ground work for us to implement the tool in the right way. The training design and execution was brilliantly done, and made sure we understood the tool and had the support network in place to ask questions. We were able to be up and running quickly with the tool, and it has become valuable for our portfolio tracking and reporting.

Nicholas L

“We chose PM3 because of their knowledge and understanding of working with change projects and large scale transformation in the NHS. Additionally, we felt this tool was capable of offering a simple yet scalable solution for our growing PMO and Trust wide project and programme management processes.”

N Watkins

From the product demonstrations, it was clear that PM3 was an industry-strength portfolio, programme and project management software platform that we could set up, configure and start using quickly and effectively. The product is very configurable and we were able to set it up to our particular specification. The Bestoutcome team were very easy to work with, and because of their expertise working with other clients in health and social care, they were able to help us with our implementation. Overall, the process from purchase to implementation was simple and hassle-free.

Paul F

I have been using this software for two years and have really noticed the difference in terms of delivery of our Programmes. The ease of use means the PMO are more productive around reporting period. With a vast range of reports available we are able to report to all stakeholders with ease. The customer service is excellent with Bestoutcome. I would highly recommend this tool to anyone wanting to improve how they manage their Programme/Projects.

Rita O

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