PPM Case Study: Concerto’s Transformation with PM3 and PM3Time


Introduction: About Concerto

Concerto, a dynamic organisation with a focus on strategy, change, programme and project management, faced challenges in project coordination and reporting across multiple clients before the implementation of PM3.

With a number of partners and associates, the need for a comprehensive Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool became apparent. In this case study, we explore Concerto’s journey in adopting PM3 as their preferred PPM solution and PM3Time as their timesheet system.

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Before PM3, Concerto managed programmes and projects by either using a client’s own system or associates would introduce their own tools and methodologies.
However, with Concerto’s growth, and the desire to offer a full end-to-end service for their clients, Concerto identified the requirement for a more structured project management approach.

Selecting a PPM Solution:

Concerto’s search for a PPM solution led them to explore various options. Given that Concerto have long established relationships central government clients, Andy Green (Project Lead) emphasised the importance of hosting data in the UK. The search focussed on two options within the UK, with BestOutcome’s PM3 standing out due to its modern interface and a large number of out-of-the-box reports.


One of the opportunities offered allowed Concerto to demonstrate the functionality that PM3 provided to it’s clients.

Benefits of PM3 Usage:

Concerto now has a fuller range of options when discussing client requirements.

1. The adoption of PM3 has resulted in Concerto creating the opportunity to offer clients a streamlined approach in managing programmes, projects, change initiatives across multiple public sector and private clients.

2. Some clients still prefer consultants to use their tools and methodology, which Concerto is mindful of and happy to accommodate.

Key PM3 Features Utilised:

Concerto currently uses core elements of PM3, including Gantt charts, risks, actions, milestones, and reports. While some features like critical path analysis are in the PM3 roadmap, the adaptability of PM3 aligns well with Concerto’s proportional approach to project management.

Feedback from the Concerto team emphasised the excellent support received from the PM3 support and Account Management teams.

PM3Time Implementation:

Concerto adopted PM3Time to address the manual and time-consuming process of collating timesheets using Excel. Marcy Garcia, Business Manager, highlighted the efficiency gains achieved by having a dedicated timesheet system, particularly in terms of time saved on collation and reporting.

PM3Time Efficiency:

PM3Time proved to be a game-changer for Concerto, offering a more efficient solution than their previous spreadsheet-based timesheet system. The automated reminders and simplified collation process resulted in significant time savings for Marcy Garcia and her team.


Concerto’s adoption of PM3 and PM3Time has marked a transformative journey in programme/project management and timesheet management. Concerto now benefits from streamlined reporting, increased efficiency, and a more structured approach to programme and project coordination.

As Concerto continues to leverage PM3’s features, they anticipate further improvements and efficiency gains in their programme project management practices.

Outcome-driven success

Outcome-driven success

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