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With PM3, one size does not fit all.

With PM3, one size does not fit all.

PM3 is a powerful, intuitive, and easy to use Project, Programme, and Portfolio Management (PPM) tool, used across the Public, Private and Charitable sectors. Its philosophy is to focus on delivering successful ‘outcomes’. It is designed as the ‘single source of the truth’, supporting informed decisions and governance at all levels. With over 150 reports built into the system PM3 saves you time and money.

Whether you are running a few projects or implementing PM3 as an Enterprise PPM tool, we tailor our implementation approach accordingly. PM3 and Bestoutcome are different. We focus on improving the performance of your team with not only PM3 but also with our training, mentoring, and change management services.

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PM3time is a very simple and intuitive timesheet application.

PM3time is a very simple and intuitive timesheet application.

PM3time is our professional cloud-based time, cost, and expense management system that provides clear, integrated, and ‘real time’ visibility of how your employees and contractors are spending their time. From simple timesheet approval to project cost management and reporting, PM3time can help manage employee and contractor time across your organisation. All data is stored in the UK and is fully GDPR compliant.

PM3time interfaces to the XERO accounting package.

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Why PM3?

Benefits realisation

PM3 ensures that your benefit plan is realistic in terms of its timing and value.

Effective resource management

Ensures you understand your resource ‘pinch points’ and your planned portfolios have sufficient resources.

Effective team collaboration

PM3 enables dispersed project teams to collaborate using PM3 and the PM3Team app.

Beautiful Reports and Dashboards

PM3 has over 100 out-of -the-box reports and drill down dashboards. You can also build your own reports using drag and drop.

Agile and Waterfall

PM3 supports waterfall (Prince 2™) and agile methods including user stories, sprints and kanban boards

Prioritisation and Transformation

PM3 is not just a project management system, it has been designed to manage programmes and portfolios and facilitate prioritisation.

Knowledge Centre

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does PPM stand for?

    PPM is commonly referred to as Project Portfolio Management that is a strategic approach to managing and prioritizing a collection of projects or programs within an organization.

  • Why does your organisation need a project portfolio management tool?

    Organisations use PPM tools to be able to efficiently collaborate, plan and share information quickly, monitor and control project budgets, improve quality and performance, and increase productivity and profitability. These tools help to optimise project portfolios and enhance overall management effectiveness.

  • What does a PMO do?

    A PMO performs various functions, including establishing project governance, supporting project and programme managers to manage shared resources by coordinating communication, providing guidance, training and mentoring, conducting project audits, facilitating lessons learned to ensure project management standards and procedures are adhered to, and developing and maintaining project documentation and policies and processes.

  • What project management techniques are used in agile?

    Agile project management techniques include Scrum, which organises work into sprints with defined roles and ceremonies, Kanban, which visualises workflows and limits work in progress, and Lean, which focuses on continuous improvement by eliminating waste in processes.

  • Why use project management tools?

    Organisations use project management tools to streamline project planning and execution, enhance collaboration among team members, monitor progress, allocate resources effectively, track budgets and costs, manage risks and issues and improve project management efficiency for better decision-making capabilities.

  • What is portfolio project management?

    Portfolio Project Management (PPM) is defined as “the selection, prioritisation and control of an organisation’s projects and programmes in line with its strategic objectives and capacity to deliver.” (Source: APM)

  • What is a PMO?

    “A project, programme or portfolio management office (PMO) is an organisational structure that provides support to projects. The PMO may be a project management office, programme management office or portfolio management office, depending on what is being supported” (Source: APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition). Overall, PMOs ensure consistency and excellence in project execution.

  • What is agile project management?

    Agile project management is an iterative approach that emphasises collaboration, adaptability, and customer feedback. It breaks projects into smaller, manageable tasks, allowing teams to respond to changing requirements and deliver value incrementally.

  • What are project management tools?

    Project management tools are referred to as software applications and platforms that help plan, execute and monitor projects efficiently. Some features include budget planning, resource management, task management, risk and issue management, and reporting.

  • Why are project management tools important?

    Project management tools are important for working in a uniform and consistent way using a centralised platform ‘the single source of the truth’ that improves efficiency, ensures collaboration, enables data-driven decisions and compliance to ensure projects are delivered successfully.

What our clients say about us

“Lots of reporting options offered as standard, and easy to tweak these to suit our needs. All our portfolio of projects are now in one place where all the PMs can access them - it's also an advantage that you can access them from anywhere rather than needing to be in the office”.

Andy S, PMO Manager

“In short, this has been the most beneficial product we have used in the PMO... ever! Bestoutcome have been positive, supportive and responsive throughout. First-class experience”.

Colin D, Senior Managing Consultant

“We are now able to drive the end-to-end delivery of all of our service improvement and change programmes consistently, and through robust governance. We will be able to provide executive delivery assurance, and manage each element of our programmes and projects effectively and efficiently. From initial discussions and product demonstrations, it was clear that PM3 was an industry-strength PPM software”.

Paul F, Operational Development Consultant

We selected PM3 because we liked its simple interface and tailored NHS functionality. The fact that PM3 is widely used in the NHS was another factor in us choosing PM3. PM3 will be a key tool for us in managing the hospitals integration programme. PM3 is already expanding with other departments coming on board. Our project managers can now work in one standard way and the project / programme highlight reports can be automatically generated from PM3.”

Kandarp Thakkar, Director of Integration & Transformation

“We selected PM3 because of its extensive use in the NHS, its ease of use and powerful and efficient reporting mechanisms. We have some very good project management practices across CMCA, but we wanted to have a more standardised and consistent approach which PM3 will facilitate and support”.

Sarah Atherden, PMO Manager

“Our overall experience has been incredibly positive. The consultancy and support we have received really helped lay the ground work for us to implement the tool in the right way. The training design and execution was brilliantly done, and made sure we understood the tool and had the support network in place to ask questions”.

Nicholas L, PMO Manager

"We chose PM3 because, it proved comparable to its competitors and at the end of it all offered the best value for money in line with functional and other requirements. We also wanted to build on the success of PM3, relationships built and growth of usage over the last 3 years which inevitably strengthens the case for further roll-out and embedding across HEE”.

Anderson John, Portfolio Assurance Manager

"One thing I will feed back is that the users love it, It's literally pushed the PMO to the next level of maturity in a relatively short period of time and showing dividends in terms of the reduction of manual effort and transparency".

Christine Dixon, PMO Project Coordinator