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The right tools for the right sector

PM3 and PM3time are true business solutions, allowing any organisation in any sector to gain full visibility of everything that’s going on, and to make informed decisions about where to continue to invest.

Although our solutions are not industry-specific, we have found that clients in the Retail, IT, Charity and NHS sectors have been particularly quick to recognise the benefits that our solutions offer.

It’s people that make solutions work – your people, who know your business and the way it works and where it can be improved.

Our implementation consultants support you to embed our solutions in your business, and then exploit them to realise the benefits they offer. We provide mentoring, coaching and training services to make sure that you achieve the outcomes you need from choosing our solutions.

Learn more about how our products are used in these sectors

PPM tools for the NHS

We are the number 1 provider of PPM / PMO software in the NHS. We have over 30 NHS clients that use PM3 to manage small scale initiatives, Cost Improvement Programmes (CIP) and digital transformation. PM3 NHS has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of the NHS. Its simple and intuitive interface allows even novice project managers to use PM3 with very little training. It’s reporting suite saves significant amount of both project manager and PMO time by automating reporting.

Uniquely, PM3 can upload activity savings into schemes across PM3 and then run NHS designed CIP dashboards. PM3 also links the savings to the milestones ensuring that the forecasted savings are accurate.

PPM tools for the education sector

PM3 is a light-touch Project, portfolio management tool that is ideally suited for the higher education sector, making an excellent university PMO tool.

Universities have a significant number of projects that need to be delivered with limited budgets. PM3 is a great tool to ensure that the entire portfolio is being delivered to time, cost and quality. It also helps ensure you have the right portfolio or work, by maintaining a focus on why the work is being done in the first place – to deliver value to the university and achieve the desired outcomes.

How our PPM tools are helping major charities

Charities are increasingly running projects and programmes. PM3 is being used by some of the major charitable organisations in the UK including the RSPCA. PM3 is a cost-effective solution for charities and ensures valuable resources are not spent on manual PMO activities. PM3 automates the PMO function and has a typical payback of 6 months. This is an important consideration for the charity sector which needs to ensure money is spent on front-line services.

PM3’s ease of use is another important factor in charities selecting PM3.

How can PM3 benefit your IT department

IT departments run many projects and programmes. These range from digital transformations to small initiatives. PM3 supports both agile and waterfall projects making it the ideal choice for IT departments that have a mix of agile and waterfall.

IT departments also use PM3time to record time and cross charge to other departments. PM3 integrates with many BI tools enabling IT to develop sophisticated BI dashboards using dynamic links to PM3.

One of the key reasons why PM3 is selected by IT departments is its practical resource / capacity planning module. This enables IT to work out who is over committed and also which contractors are under-utilised.

Let us show you how powerful our PMO Tools are.

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