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Judi Beater 10-03-2021

Last month David Walton, our MD, spoke to Public Sector Focus about the major challenges facing organisations such as the NHS as they seek to transform digitally.

The core issues facing many government organisations are driven by an ageing UK population requiring ever more complex public services.

In order to meet these requirements and deliver services both more efficiently and at a reduced cost, too may government services rely on outdated infrastructure, manual processes and disparate technologies.

Perversely, many of the government project management functions running these complex digital roadmaps have not yet digitised themselves.

Without an integrated digital strategy in place, they face an uphill struggle using separate systems with lots of manual interventions. This results in higher costs and increased inefficiency.

So, what is the solution?

As David explains to PSF, having worked with the NHS and many other Government bodies to digitise their PMO, redefining processes and implementing a cloud-based PPM tool, like PM3, has helped to standardise processes and reporting, enabling better planning and decision making across projects.

As David says, if there is one thing the team at Bestoutcome would like to see the back of is project managers struggling to create highlight reports in Excel!

You can read the whole David Walton article here, where we cover topics such as why project management needs to be digitised; how implementing PM3 at Medicines and Healthcare products and Regulatory Agency (MHRA) saved around 20 person days per month (on their top ten projects alone!); and the thorny issue of why we believe Project Management should really learn to ‘eat its own dog food’.

If you would like to find out more about PM3 and our other cloud-based PMO solutions, including PM3time, our timesheet software that speaks to XERO, please do not hesitate to contact is and one of the team will be in touch.

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