SSCL chooses PM3 as their project, portfolio management (PPM) tool


SSCL, the trading name for Shared Services Connected Ltd, are a leading provider of business-critical support services to Government and the UK public sector. With 2,500 employees, their business focus is “Shared Purpose – Unique Solutions”. They play a vital role in transforming business support services, delivering digital solutions, and developing innovations that make life easier for their customers and meet their unique requirements.

Having such a successfully large presence across the UK means it is crucial that SSCL has a well-governed project delivery system in place, which is why they decided to invest in a PPM tool which matched their needs. Running 100++ large projects they needed a new solution that would leave no room for error and increase their project delivery success rate, as using various platforms and spreadsheets was proving to be a challenge.

The overall objective was to have greater transparency and more efficient use of resources. They required not only a strong PPM solution but an organisation that would provide hands-on support and training, that would ensure that users immediately hit the ground running.

Immediate priorities were:

  • Portfolio prioritisation and reporting
  • Governance
  • Risks and Issues
  • Financial Summary
  • Status Report

After a meticulous selection process, SSCL chose PM3 as their project, programme and portfolio management tool. Along with having expert consultants’ support, SSCL have access to our learning management System, PM3Learn. This ensures they are gaining knowledge and accessing support as and when they require, which in turn has meant they are getting the maximin benefit out of their investment. Having such a strong support system has eliminated the risk of users not understanding the capabilities of PM3, preventing the mistake of returning to the chaos of using spreadsheets!

SSCL are already reaping many of the benefits that PM3 offers them, the overall improvements being:

  • More accurate data on reporting for projects, portfolios, and programmes – risk management of business risks
  • Better view of the bigger picture, in real time
  • Increase of productivity and agility
  • Enhanced risk management
  • Better and more informed decisions being made


Vicki Sherrington, Head of PMO & Project Governance at SSCL shared “We are happy to have made the leap to invest in a reliable PPM solution, PM3 has proven to be an excellent fit for our requirements. As we continue to mature, we are seeing more and more benefits. The main enhancement being a unified platform and having a standardised process in place.”

About BestOutcome

Established in 2000, BestOutcome are a leading PPM/Change practice providing, PM3, an award-winning Project, Portfolio Management (PPM) solution to the public, private and charitable sectors.

BestOutcome are passionate about helping clients improve their project delivery capability. They focus on two principal PPM solutions, PM3, and PM3time. By refining their offerings to the marketplace, they ensure that their focus is entirely on meeting the ever-changing needs of their clients.

BestOutcome consider themselves as different. They are not just about implementing a tool; they recognise that to improve project delivery there needs to be a compelling need to change, strong stakeholder engagement, high user adoption and good process.

BestOutcome work very closely with their clients to understand their requirements and establish what success looks like to them. They take an outcome-driven approach and provide expert advice on best practice. They believe that the tool itself is just part of the solution; a good process and well-trained project practitioners are also needed to deliver the desired outcomes.



Outcome-driven success

Outcome-driven success

Our products help you deliver successful change programmes and projects by always focusing on the overall business outcomes. Find out how our products can help you.

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