West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust deploys PM3


London, UK, May 2nd 2017 – Bestoutcome, the leading project, portfolio management (PPM) software company, is pleased to announce the roll-out of its PMO tool, PM3 by West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust has over 100 projects and programmes that need to be delivered including a Cost Improvement Programme (CIP). These 100 projects and programmes represent an important and sizeable investment for the Trust and were being managed using Excel, MS Project and an incumbent PPM tool. To ensure proper governance and more effective reporting, West Hertfordshire Hospitals, reviewed the market in order to select a PMO tool to manage their portfolio.

After an extensive evaluation and a number of demonstrations, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust selected Bestoutcome’s, PM3 tool.

Rita Oye, Head of PMO, says:

“We selected PM3 because of its ease of use and the powerful reporting engine that allows you to automatically send reports to key stakeholders. PM3 is used widely in the NHS and this was another factor. We were also able to procure PM3 from the G-Cloud, or Digital Marketplace, which is a catalogue of cloud-based software approved by the Government. We trialled PM3 for a short period to ensure that it was the right fit for our needs.”

David Walton, Managing Director of Bestoutcome says:

“We work with many NHS Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). We are familiar with the types of projects and the specific requirements of the NHS, e.g. quality gates, Quality Impact Assessments (QIA) and the NHS 5×5 Risk matrix. As a PMO tool, PM3, is very configurable and we worked with West Hertfordshire Hospitals Healthcare NHS Trust to configure PM3 for the Trust’s requirements.”

Rita added:

“Like many Trusts we are running a Cost Improvement Programme (CIP) and it was important we were able to track cost savings against our targets. Bestoutcome added a benefits tracker report to PM3 and we can now run benefits trackers and dashboards showing clearly the cost savings against target for each CIP scheme and the overall programme. PM3 has different license types allowing us to give each user the modules they need for their particular role.

The portfolio functionality in PM3 is powerful enabling us to report easily on any combination of projects and programmes. This was not possible using Excel and PowerPoint. It takes seconds to group projects into portfolios and would have taken ages in Excel We estimate that we have saved 5 days of project manager effort per week as previously they would be spending a lot of time producing reports. Now PM3 does this for them and they can concentrate on delivering their projects.”

About West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust provides acute healthcare services to a core catchment population of approximately half a million people living in west Hertfordshire and the surrounding area. The Trust also provides a range of more specialist services to a wider population, serving residents of North London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and East Hertfordshire.

About Bestoutcome

Bestoutcome specialises in Portfolio, Programme and Project Management, always focusing on the overall outcome to ensure successful business change. Bestoutcome’s flagship PPM tool, PM3 has been used in the NHS since 2007. There are now over 20 NHS organisations using PM3 to manage and control their projects.

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