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NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group came together in April 2021 the group covers the boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark. Their aim is to work with their partners to improve care and health outcomes for their local people.

NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group are a clinically led organisation responsible for planning, paying for and monitoring most of the health services in the six boroughs. Their greatest priority is to ensure that the 2+ million people living in southeast London experience the highest possible standard of care within the resources made available to them.

The Driver

The Digital PMO recognised that they needed to improve their project and programme delivery to support the new organisation, and that they needed a project, programme and portfolio management tool to help facilitate this.

In particular they were looking for:

  • A solution that was intuitive and Easy to Use
  • A solution that was established within the NHS
  • A solution that would provide a single source of the truth to make more informed decisions
  • A solution that would eliminate duplication and provide consistency and visibility across their landscape
  • A solution that would provide improved automated reporting
  • A solution that would help to drive standardisation and Best Practice
  • A solution that would ultimately save them time and money.

The Solution

After a comprehensive tender exercise, the Digital PMO chose BestOutcome and PM3NHS as their partner and solution of choice.

SEL had been using Excel and Word for the project and programme management, which they found inconsistent, prone to error, costly and time consuming.

BestOutcome were able to support SEL with the implementation of PM3NHS. They worked with SEL to understand their key drivers and to understand what success would look like for them.

They both understood that implementing a PPM tool is a change project and, for it to be successful, there needed to be buy-in of key stakeholders.

BestOutcome provided support to help configure the system in line with the SEL landscape, to pull on their experience within the NHS and provide guidance around standardisation and best practice. They were able to provide expert training and mentoring.

The Benefits

SEL are using the system for their digital projects and programmes in the ICS and the CCG. We have achieved a number of benefits in using PM3:

  • Our Digital First Portfolio consists of 4 programmes and upwards of 30 projects, trying to administer in Word, PowerPoint and Excel would have been time consuming and inefficient with files needing tight version controls. PM3 allows us to hold in one system and can be seen by all staff who need access to the data.

In other programme areas we are running a wide range of projects including infrastructure, records digitisation, Office 365, telephony, London Shared Care Record and Population Health, we make use of PM3 to help us with key aspects of our work:

  • Risks and issues logs were maintained in Excel and could be managed for individual projects but not easy to produce at programme and portfolio level when we were looking across the various programmes of work, PM3 has made this quicker and easier to produce.
  • Historically, each project manager had their own modified version of a highlight report, PM3 gives us a standard look and feel, it brings in data from various parts of the systems including budgets and actuals and enables the project manager to produce a good quality report quickly
  • We have moved away from managing our plans in Excel to using PM3 Milestones and Gantt charting and this makes viewing and updating easy for project managers.
  • In the future we will make more use of project gateways and will use PM3 more for the development of our Project Initiation Documents (PIDs).

In summary PM3, has provided a single source of the truth. The process and reporting are now consistent across the projects and programmes, and it has allowed SEL to make more informed decisions.  The automated reports have provided standardisation, making it easier for reviewers and it has saved the PMO significant time and money.

Quote from Les Higgs, PM3 system administrator

“Since the initial investment we have nearly doubled the number of user licences as we have increased the number of active programme and projects in flight. From a PMO perspective we have achieved a consolidated and standardised approach to project management with one version of the truth. PM3 has exceeded my expectations”

Outcome-driven success

Outcome-driven success

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