For Executives & Sponsors

PMO tools for executives and sponsors

Solutions for senior management

As an Executive or Sponsor, you need to have up to date information on your projects, programmes and portfolios, with a clear picture of any programme risks and issues . You do not need to go down to lots of detail. You need clear, RAG based information that is accurate, timely and easily digestible.

PM3 provides Executives and Sponsors with:

  • Full visibility across all initiatives
  • Reports sent to your iPad or tablet automatically
  • Portfolio reports with no need for programming
  • One version of the truth
  • Trending of progress
  • Portfolio benefits

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Full visibility of the entire portfolio

Executives & Sponsors have summary-level dashboards giving full visibility of all initiatives, showing summarised information (and can drill-down as necessary).

This allows them to quickly spot any ‘at-risk’ initiatives, and make informed decisions on where, when and how they should intervene.

Also, because they know what’s going on at all times, they have they ability to assess new business opportunities and decide which ones to pursue.