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Solutions for PMOs

The PMO is the engine room of any change programme, ensuring that the current status of all active (and proposed) initiatives is fully known. PM3 allows the PMO to see everything and provide assurance on governance and best practice.

An effective PMO allows senior management to see the accurate, up-to-date information they need to make informed decisions. It also allows programme managers, project managers and their delivery teams to focus on delivering the work needed to achieve the outcomes, without becoming bogged-down in administration.


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Providing assurance

The PMO can see everything through PM3 and can provide assurance on governance and best practice.

Governance Gateways are focal points for PMO involvement in projects and programmes – before the Gate helping the teams prepare, during the Gate review, and afterwards helping the teams complete the Gate and move into the next part of the project in a controlled way.

Because of their involvement, the PMO is ideally placed to spot risks and issues early, identify trends, and provide advice on guidance on best practice and improved ways of working.

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