PPM tools for education

PPM tools for the education sector

PM3 is a light-touch Project, portfolio management tool that is ideally suited for the higher education sector, making an excellent university PMO tool.

Universities have a significant number of projects that need to be delivered with limited budgets. PM3 is a great tool to ensure that the entire portfolio is being delivered to time, cost and quality. It also helps ensure you have the right portfolio or work, by maintaining a  focus on why the work is being done in the first place – to deliver value to the university and achieve the desired outcomes.


Our clients in the higher education realise many benefits from using PM3 :

  • Reduced cost of PMOs
  • Improved view of project statuses
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Improved reporting
  • Improved predictability of projects

For more information on how PM3 is being used in the University sector, please view our video case study at the University of Surrey:

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PM3 for education